Terms and Conditions

The Doghouse Kennels: Terms of Acceptance


  1. No human aggressive dogs will be accepted for boarding at The Doghouse Kennels.


  1. In the case of your animal/s showing signs of aggression towards each other, it is your responsibility to warn the staff of The Doghouse Kennels to ensure that all reasonable steps can be taken to prevent possible altercations. The Doghouse Kennels will not be liable for any cost incurred in the case of accounts, injury or loss should your dogs fight each other.


  1. We at The Doghouse kennels strive to ensure that all reasonable care and precaution are taken in taking care of and looking after the animals/your pets in our care. However, it is understood and agreed that no liability is incurred by the owners/staff in respect of any loss or damage to the animal through sickness, escape or from any other cause whatsoever.


  1. Any loss for leads, containers, collars, bedding, etc left on the premises will not be the responsibility of the owners/staff.


  1. It is the responsibility of the owners to inform the staff of The Doghouse Kennels of any and all medical requirements for your animals and should be submitted in writing.


  1. It is the responsibility of the owners to ascertain themselves and examine the suitability of the accommodation, upon which, if satisfied, agree to such accommodation and conditions.


  1. Only animals that are up to date with their annual vaccinations and Kennel Cough Vaccination will be accepted at our boarding kennels. Mandatory vaccination as stipulated in an attached vaccination document need to be adhered to at least two weeks prior to check in date. Proof of such must be provided by e-mailing or submitting a copy of the vaccination certificate. Accommodation/boarding of animals can be refused if this is not adhered to.


  1. Documents required for booking/accommodation need to be submitted 1 – 2 weeks before check in:
  • Copy of ID Document of Owner/representative
  • Copy of Veterinary Vaccination Certificate


  1. We can supply premium dry food (Lusahn) and treats. Alternatively owners can supply their own food and treats if preferred


  1. Owners to supply own bedding.


  1. All accommodation cost need to be paid in advance. All extra costs incurred during stay need to be settled before the animal/s can be collected by the owner. Accounts can be settled either in cash upon collection or by EFT. If EFT is preferred method of payment, a copy of the proof of payment need to be e-mailed to The Doghouse Kennels or produced upon collection.

         Day of arrival and departure will be included in the number of days of accommodation.

         Pets will not be released unless full payment has been received.


  1. Business hours for Book-ins and collection are between 9-12am and 3-6pm from Mondays to Sundays, including Public Holidays. We will, however, be closed on the following public holidays:
  • Christmas Day and Boxing day
  • New Years eve and New Years day
  • Easter Weekend (Saturday and Sunday)


  1. Long term accommodation (longer than 1 month) need to be paid each month in advance.


  1. In the event of an medical emergency owners will be contacted as per the contact details furbished in the booking form. If the owners, however, is not available or could not be reached the Owners/Staff of The Doghouse Kennels will take whichever steps/action they deem appropriate to alleviate the situation. All costs incurred will be for the account of the owners.


  1. The choice of Veterinarian will be at sole discretion of the Proprietor.


  1. We offer discounted rates on the following:
  • 3 animals or more qualify for a 10% discount
  • Discount on long term boarding. Please enquire from The Doghouse Kennels Staff


  1. Additional Services Available (Please enquire from The Doghouse Kennels Staff with regards to the rates for the below) :
  • Animal Behaviorist Lucy Breytenbach from Just Dogs/ Honey’s Garden is located on premises
  • Grooming services
  • Heaters in winter

Please Note:
Most dog breeds are accepted for boarding, with the exception of  Bull Terriers, Pit Bull Terriers, Rottweilers and Boerboels. This is mainly due to many bad experiences with these breeds. Our fences are unfortunately not strong enough if these breeds try to bite the fences while fence barking with other dogs. Also fence biting can result in broken teeth. 

Please note, we are not against these breeds at all.